Pledging Safety and Responsibility: Our Promise
to a Secure Educational Tour Experience!

Safety & Security

Student participation in a school tour is an essential component of your school’s commitment to a tremendous educational experience.  Such trips offer learning opportunities not possible in traditional classroom settings, but they are very much school activities. When participating in this educational tour, it is critical that students understand that all school policies, rules, and behavior expectations that govern their behavior at school also apply on trip with eduSTAR.

In addition, students must understand explicitly that they are expected at all times to:

  1. Help make the tour a positive and enjoyable experience for you, fellow students, and chaperones.
  2. Demonstrate high standards of conduct and to accept personal responsibility and consequences for their actions.
  3. Exhibit honesty, courteousness and consideration toward others. This includes those in your group, as well as anyone else with whom you may come in contact, such as bus drivers, tour guides, restaurant waiters and waitresses and hotel staff.
  4. The student SHALL NOT participate or be involved with smoking, drinking alcohol, illegal drugs of any kind, vandalism, theft, or any other type of behavior that is judged by the teacher and/or chaperone in charge of the trip (the “Group Leader”) to be detrimental to the health, well-being, safety, or reputation of him/herself or anyone else in the group including the Group Leader, chaperones, tour guide or eduSTAR.
  5. All participants shall follow the directions and the rules and regulations established by the Group Leader and chaperones, both prior to, during or after the tour.
  6. The student shall comply with all rules and regulations of the various governmental and commercial agencies (such as airlines, hotels, bus companies, etc.).
  7. The student shall remain with the group at all times unless and until the Group Leader accepts smaller groups that are supervised by a chaperone.
  8. The student shall respect and follow the directions of the Group Leader, chaperones, tour guide, bus drivers and hotel supervisors.
  9. The use of facilities, such as the hotel, motorcoach, airline, train and/or any other facility shall be left in the same conditions in which they were found.
  10. The student is responsible for any damage and costs for repair or replacements.
  11. Quiet hours at the hotel will be observed from 11:00pm, unless otherwise changed by your Group Leader, at which time students must be in their own rooms.
  12. The student must sleep in his/her assigned hotel room each night.
  13. Unless in the case of an emergency, such as a fire alarm, students must remain in rooms until awakened by chaperones or are given a time and place in the hotel to meet.
  14. The student may never leave the hotel unless approved by the Group Leader and accompanied by a chaperone.
  15. Good common sense, respect and consideration for others and their property should be practiced daily.
  16. The student must remain in full compliance with his/her school rules and regulation.

Students participating in this school sponsored tour are accountable for their behavior to the Group Leader, chaperones, eduSTAR and to the school community. Students whose behavior violates the above expectations or any school rules or policies will, at the discretion of the Group Leader, face consequences while on the trip. In the case of serious violations of school standards, after the Group Leader has consulted with the school Principal or vice principal, students may be removed from the trip and sent home at their parents’ expense. In all cases, students will also face disciplinary action and consequences upon their return to school.

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