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1.) Why Choose eduSTAR?
2.) Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants required?
3.) What if a participant must cancel?
4.) What if not enough participants sign up for the group tour?
5.) Any suggestions on increasing our numbers?
6.) How will you confirm our package price?
7.) What are your payment options?
8.) How do you apply fundraising amounts to my students’ accounts?
9.) Do you offer a travel insurance program?
10.) How do I know who has signed up for my group tour?
11.) What happens if I need to reach eduSTAR after business hours while I am on tour?
12.) What if a student has special needs?
13.) What if our school system or school board does not approve field trips?
14.) Can adult participants drive to meet a tour on their own?
15.) Do teachers/chaperones travel for free?
16.) What can I do inside the Group Leader login section of your website?
17.) Can I customize my own itinerary?

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