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Your school trip to Montréal and Québec City combines the best of two great towns.  In Montréal, the second largest French-speaking city in the world, you and your students will experience the hustle-bustle along with enjoying the view of centuries-old stone buildings.  In Québec City, your group will travel throughout Haute-Ville (Upper Town) and Basse-Vill (Lower Town) each with its intimate charm and a European look and feel.  In short, there is something here to inspire every member of your group.

Customized Itinerary

While on this international school travel adventure, you and your students may see:


Biodome »

The Biodome is a facility located in Montreal that allows your students to walk through replicas of four ecosystems found in the Americas: 1) the Tropical Forest is a replica of the South American rainforest; 2) the Laurentian Forest is a replica of the North American wilderness; 3) the Saint Lawrence Marine Eco-system is an estuary habitat modeled on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, and 4) a polar area that is divided into the Arctic and the Antarctic. All the exhibits are housed inside the former velodrome (cycling stadium) that was used for the cycling and judo events of the 1976 Summer Olympic.

Botanical Gardens »

]The Botanical Garden contains a greenhouse complex full of plants from around the world, and a number of large outdoor gardens, each with a specific theme. The outdoor gardens are bare and covered with snow from about November until about April; however, the greenhouses are open to visitors year round, hosting the annual Butterflies Go Free exhibit. The goal of the Botanical Garden is to interest the public in general and students of horticulture in particular, as well as to conserve endangered plant species. Some of the gardens are the Chinese Gardens, Japanese Gardens and Alpine Gardens.

Montreal Tower Observatory »

If you want great views of Montreal, the Montreal Tower Observatory is a great stop. The Montreal Tower is part of Olympic Stadium and is the highest inclined tower in the world, with a 574 foot elevation and 45-degree angle. Another feature your kids will enjoy is that your group will access the tower by the funicular, which runs on the outside of the tower and features large windows in the cabin so you can look out.

Mount Royal »

Mount Royal is the best of Montreal’s city parks and a favorite for Montrealers, where many go to ice skate, cross-country ski, picnic, or jog. While on your school trip your students will enjoy walking through this 500 acre park and looking out over the downtown towards the river. The Mont Royal summit has a lookout and park designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, famous for his work on Central Park in NYC.

Notre Dame Basilica »

Notre-Dame Basilica is a basilica in the historic district of Old Montreal. The church is one of the most dramatic in the world. When you enter the church, you will notice the colorful interior, ceiling and sanctuary. The church is filled with hundreds of intricate wooden carvings and several religious statues and glass windows. If you are a high S\school choral director, the Basilica can provide your kids the opportunity to give a short concert of sacred music. This church also provides a unique light and sound show that recounts the history of Old Montreal and the church. When in Montreal on your educational tour, your students cannot miss Notre Dame.

St Joseph's Oratory »

Saint Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal is very popular for people of any faith as this church is one of historical and architectural importance. Your students will enjoy walking up the 283 steps to get to the entrance of this beautiful church. Inside there are essentially two large churches, one atop the other, as well as many side chapels. The Oratory also has a well-known dome that ranks as the third largest of its kind in the world.

Vieux Montreal »

Vieux Montreal is a highlight during your student tour of Montreal. Located on the waterfront of the St. Lawrence River, Old Montreal provides much to do. Two great museums while on your student tour are the Point Calliere Museum and the Montreal Science Centre. There are plenty of boat ride options but if you want to stay on shore, your group can walk around and enjoy street performances, sound-and-light shows, art displays, and exhibitions. Your kids can also visit warships from the Canadian navy and there is plenty of restaurants and shopping.

Québec City


Basse-Vill / Lower Town »

Chateau Frontenac »

Citadel »

Dufferin Terrace »

Haute-Ville / Upper Town »

Montmorency Falls »

Place-Royale »

Plains of Abraham »

Sainte Anne De Beaupre »

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