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About Us

Jonathan Gamza

Jon, president of the company, was a partner at another student tour company for over 10 years where he helped turn around that company. With eduSTAR Tours, Jon’s goal is to maintain high quality tour services for the next generation of travelers by providing educational tours at affordable prices. Jon was previously a corporate lawyer and holds J.D. from Fordham University and a dual Bachelors degree in business and communications from Syracuse University.

Since that time, eduSTAR Tours has crafted a solid reputation for offering the highest quality, affordable group travel experience available to educational institutions, summer camps and adult groups and organizations. eduSTAR is proud to boast a 90% customer return rate, which very few in the group travel industry can claim.

John Peragine

Was formerly the owner of a successful New York City travel agency and sought to build on his expertise in the travel industry and develop a new company focused on providing affordable, high-quality group travel. John has his Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling, has attended the world-renowned American Airlines and Delta Airlines training schools. John has also been a long-standing member of ASTA, IATA and other major travel organizations.

Bennett Gold

In 1975, after working as an independent tour escort for several years, Ben founded Americana Youth Tours, specializing in educational group tours for the students and faculty of public, private and parochial schools. Ben holds a Masters Degree in Education and his focus on creating fun, informative school trips was a natural outgrowth of his background as a Social Studies teacher. In 1982, he joined forces with John Peragine as an advisor to American Vacation Tours (“AVT”) and in 1984 became a full partner in the business.

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